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All of our courses and workshops are highly engaging, interactive whilst relaxing for each person who attends. We will create a relaxing space for your staff or group before you arrive into the room to ensure a change of environment and a warm welcome for all of those who enter. We will ensure that each space becomes what we call a ‘breathing space’ where you can pause, breathe, learn and relax.

Below are some of the courses/sessions/workshops that we offer but do feel free to contact us if you would like us to offer a bespoke service for your particular needs.

STAFF WORKSHOPS – Schools (Primary & Post-Primary), Education Centres, Community Centres, Universities, Companies

Staff Workshops

Schools (Primary & Post-Primary), Education Centres, Community Centres, Universities, Companies

Staff Introductory Workshop: Well-Being, Self-Care and Renewal

This introductory workshop is highly engaging and interactive, whilst relaxing for staff. 

It includes:

  • the science of stress and neuroplasticity 
  • self-care practice and what that means 
  • responses to stress - the effects on us and on our connections with others both personally and professionally 
  • building resilience
  • 3/4 sitting mindful practices 
  • 2 short written activities (CBT)
  • renewing our 'energy wells' in practical, simple and gentle ways

Each participant receives a small pack to take home which includes tips on how to stay calm, useful websites and books, along with small physical reminders to be mindful.

  • Follow-On Workshops/Courses

If you felt that this Introductory Session worked well for your staff, we will be delighted to continue offering more sessions and will consult with you on what you think will work best for your staff and school/centre/company.

Dept. Of Education Approved Courses (Face to Face and Online)

Self-Care and Renewal Courses for the Primary Teacher - The Breathing Space

This course be it online or face to face, provides a space for the primary teacher to address their well-being needs both personally and professionally.  The course has two main aims:

To understand and address the needs of the teacher:

  • The course is designed with the intention of giving you breathing space; space to retreat from your busy life and reflect on your own journey in terms of self-care and well-being
  • Through many engaging activities Well-Being, Self-Care and Renewal Courses for the Primary Teacher - The Breathing Space
  • Online Breathing Space (link to Online Page)
  • Face to Face Breathing Space

These courses have been extremely popular over the years with teachers feeling truly transformed as a result of being in this space of wellness, relaxation and learning for five days or 20 hours online.  We are so proud of the work we have done with teachers and school leaders on these summer courses which have given teachers a new lease of life both personally and professionally.

  • thin this space, you are offered practices and life skills including mindfulness practices, that if used regularly will aid in alleviating stress and improving quality of life
  • The topic of self-care is explored throughout the course.  This practice can dramatically improve your life and in turn, the lives of those around you
  • This course offers you opportunities to evaluate your own well-being, learn new skills and practices to improve it and also provides activities that allow you to look forward in a positive way to the challenges presented to you both professionally and personally in the future
  • This course is a calm space for you the teacher to pause, breathe and renew your energy following the busy school year

To transfer these skills and practices into the classroom:

  • The course also provides you with practical ideas and lessons that  can be implemented directly into the classroom/resource room on a daily basis and under the SPHE curriculum  
  • You will be provided with lesson plans based on mindfulness practice and also on a specific step by step relaxation lesson plan template which can also used to create your own lesson plans in order to integrate them with other curricular areas.

School leadership workshops/courses

Well-Being, Self-Care and Renewal Session/Day Training

These sessions and courses include all of the modules and principles from the Teacher Breathing Space but specialize in addressing the particular stresses and challenges that come with the role of school leader

SNA Workshops & Courses

Well-Being, Self-Care and Renewal Session/Day Training

Retreat Days/Weekends - Education Centres

These retreats (Day and Weekend) have proven to be very popular amongst teachers, both primary and post-primary

  • Take some time out for yourself
  • Replenish your energy well; come and restore your energy in a calm and relaxing space
  • Engage in simple, enjoyable mindfulness practices in a calm, relaxed environment
  • Renew your energy and rekindle your passion for life
  • Learn how to bring well-being practices into your personal and professional life in practical, simple ways
  • Engage in self-care in order to feel more like yourself, which will benefit those you care for and work with
  • Give yourself space to breathe and relax
  • Enjoy the company of like-minded people

Parent courses

These courses are popular for schools and education centres who wish to run courses in well-being and self-care for parents.  This course can have a huge positive impact on the school as a whole and for individual parents and families.

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